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Official notarized translation services in 140+ languages for ICA, MoM, LTA, IRAS, and other official submissions.

Notarized translation authenticated by the Singapore Academy of Law (SAL)

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  • Birth Certificates
  • Marriage Certificates
  • Court Transcripts
  • Diploma/Graduation Certificates
  • Passport/Visa
  • Travel Documents
  • International COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate Translation
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30+ Languages Translated for 20,000+ Satisfied Customers

Lyric is the largest provider of Certified Translation in Singapore and is recognized as a primary provider of translation services for the ICA and MoM

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    How it works (7)

    Price & Purpose
    Starts at S$30 per page. Purpose For official use within singapore especially for ICA and MoM.
    Certified Translators
    We have over 10 years of experience in providing certified translation. We work with a growing network of 1500+ certified translators to support 140+languages globally.
    Document & File Types
    Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Academic Certificates, Court Transcript, Divorce Document, International COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate Translation, etc. Acceptable files types are .doc, .pdf, .jpg, .png, etc
    Supported Languages
    Chinese, Malay, Hindi, Tamil, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian Bahasa, Tagalog (Filipino), Bangla, Bengali, Singalese, Arabic, German, Spanish, Russian and 100 more
    Turnaround Time
    Starting at 24 hours for a single page, the exact date of delivery will depend on no. of pages and the language
    Delivery Information
    We deliver the certified translation via email as pdf as per the procedure. incase the customer wants delivery of hard copy, we arrange to courier. Customer's also walk in to collect the documents.
    Payment Information
    All payments are made in advance via bank transfer, translation estimation will carry our bank information, incase the customer wants to pay by credit card or paypal, we accept the same

    Faqs (8)

    Do you translate International COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate Translation?
    Yes, we translate Vaccination certificate for international travel. We support Chinese vaccination Certificate, Tamil Vaccination Certificate and 30 more languages including Malay, Thai, Filipino, Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Spanish, Hindi etc
    What languages do you translate?
    We support 140 languages, frequently translated languages are Chinese, Malay, Thai, Filipino, Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Spanish, Hindi etc
    How long will it takes to translate my documents?
    We generally start to work as soon as the payment is made, usually a single page document can be delivered the next day, but is recommended to check for the exact delivery
    Who will translate my document?
    A native and professional/certified translator will perform the translation.
    How do you ensure quality?
    Our translators have decades of experience in doing court translation. They specialise in proving legal translation for businesses and individuals. we use advanced tools to ensure high quality and confidentiality of the documents.
    How do you guarantee ICA acceptance?
    We do not guarantee acceptance as the procedure is subject to the officer in ICA or MoM. Since 2010 we have not had a single rejection because of translation, we have served 10,000 plus customers in this 7 years.
    Providing Notary services? How fees are Calculated?
    Yes, We do. We work with Notary public who is generally a senior lawyer practising in Singapore who has been approved to act as a notary public under the Notaries Public Act. If you require to notarise your document talk to us and we will arrange for the same. The Notarial fees are calculated as For example, if you need to get a certified true copy of one page of your passport, the total fee will be S$10 + S$80 + S$85.60 = $180.60.
    What are the recent changes to notarised document submissions to ICA?
    From 1 October 2019 onwards, all notarised documents must also be authenticated by the Singapore Academy of Law (SAL). Authentication will be done on the spot at the SAL counter at: Singapore Academy of Law 1 Coleman Street #08-06 The Adelphi Singapore 179803 Operating hours: Mondays to Fridays, 9am to 4.30pm SAL charges an authentication fee of $85.60 per notarial certificate. The notary public will collect this fee from you before issuing you the notarial certificate.

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